Our friends at Ars Technica report that a patch previously released by Microsoft has been withdrawn after it caused issues with other updates and software installation.  It appears the problem with this patch only impacts Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 users.  The withdrawn patch was designated KB3004394.  Falcon Computer Consulting LLC recommends always keeping your operating system up-to-date, although occasionally you can run into situations like this where doing so can cause temporary problems until a fix for the patched system can be released.  Generally, such fixes are released relatively quickly after a problem with a patch becomes known.  


Further, Falcon Computer Consulting LLC always recommends that you ensure all your systems (desktops/laptops, servers, mobile devices, and any other network or critical devices) and online services/sites be kept up-to-date with patches and security fixes.  Our firm can provide assistance with this patch problem as well as general security-related updates and protection for all your systems and critical infrastructure.  Feel free to contact us for additional information and support.



Microsoft withdraws bad Windows 7 update that broke future Windows 7 updates

   courtesy of Ars Technica


Broken update also blocks install of third-party software.


One of this week's Patch Tuesday updates for Windows 7 has been withdrawn after some users discovered that it blocked installation of software containing digital signatures, including first- and third-party software, and even other Windows updates.


The problem update is called KB3004394. The purpose of this update was to change how Windows updates its collection of root certificates used to authenticate SSL and TLS connections. Without the update, Windows is meant to poll for certificate updates once a week. With the update, this frequency is increased to once a day.