As of October 19, 2015, Falcon Computer Consulting LLC is pleased to announce we will begin to offer an online eCheck/ACH billing platform to allow payments to be submitted directly from a bank account.


This new service, provided by billing industry leader Authorize.Net, will join our existing online credit card option, offering an added method of payment that is easy, quick, and secure.  


In addition, if you already use a credit card and wish to continue doing so, our new and improved system is capable of accepting recurring payments for services rendered on a regular basis (and which can be managed and updated directly through our billing portal, or by contacting our billing team for assistance).


These moves toward increased automation in our billing are designed to maximize your convenience by offering a client-centric platform that's both streamlined and secure. We've also undertaken these changes with your satisfaction in mind as they will enable us to devote more of our time to the projects that are important to you.


For more information about this new feature, please feel free to contact us directly.



Thank you.



Falcon Computer Consulting LLC